Saturday 18 August 2012

the art of being confident

 look at this lady, doesn't she look fancy and confident and worldly. 

this afternoon while i was sitting in our fancy coffee shop, i was eating my fancy lunch and saw this fancy book. of course, who doesn't want to be more confident, and fancy and ooze appeal and engage in witty conversations with strangers and be more enchanting with those who you know......  I ticked all the boxes in my mind and decided to have a flick through the fancy book while eating my fancy haloumi wrap.
clearly this book was rivetting, cause i paid no attention to what was happening down below. in between coffee sips and chewing and flicking through this book, my fancy lunch dripped sauce all down my fancy pants. voila.
had i not been led to pick up this fancy book, i would not have had the confidence to hold my head high and carry on wandering the streets of west end, all while looking like i was wearing the wrong kind of sauce! (if you know what i mean). if you have seen the size of my confident thighs, then you'll appreciate that this was gross, but clearly i had mastered the art of being confident.

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