Thursday, 5 July 2012

beautiful anne

this friday is the last day of work for beautiful anne, who is going to have a baby.
anne started sitting near me when she first joined the company and we managed to have a great deal of fun and shared a whole lot of giggles.
one day, i came in to work and anne said she was tired - are you pregnant i say! i think she was a bit taken aback by that (so new into the friendship and all) but a day or so later, she wrote me a little note (all secret squirrel like) saying she was pregnant.  and this piece of was entrusted with me and a few others who needed to know. of course, you can't keep this secret too long can you!
so tomorrow, after sharing the excitement of her pregnancy and having her come back to sit near me for her last two weeks, she is leaving to bring a new life into the world and and a life that is going to be so lucky to have her as a mum.
today, we set up a guessing chart and anne and i ducked off to take a few really quick photos for this and i have to say, she just looks amazing. the hipstamatic didn't let me down.
 so the guessing is beginning
all the best anne and mick for what's next up in your life journey
and hurry back, i need someone to share the baci's with

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