Thursday 10 May 2012

wag a watta??

Cause my husband's been away this week, young benny invited me over for tea, cause we don't catch up enough any more, but when we do, it's always a treat.
so after work, i took a great walk through the city to the valley where his gal pal lives.  i forgot how much i love the city (like i am only at moorooka, but it's not the same) - the energy, the people, the buildings. oh how our little city has grown.  it actually looks like a big city, especially when you just drive past the mt gravatt part of the freeway and you get to see the expanded skyline.
 see, a real city, and on i walked
at my destination the lovely Simone had some cute and chirpy pets
 and they were happy to pose all cute and friendly like
and then it was off to tea - thai...japanese, thai....japanese, thai...japanese
3 people
2 choices
1 decision
oh how can it be so hard?
but in the end, japanese won the round and off we went to a place called waga, waya, what the fucka  wagaya
it is awesome
 so you can order off the menu - old school style
or off the touch screen technology and voila it arrives, as if by magic
and then its fun fun yum yum with mum mum
 look at them, posing all cute
and we were off - eating

 until you get a dish that is all gooey like, and son son decides it would be good to flick it off his chopstick onto arm arm - but not his own of course!
 and then the bill arrives
but fear not, cause you can keep a tally on everything on your touch screen technology.
 so farewell wagaya
it's back to GF"s house where some silly glasses action took place with two silly people
 of course, i would never be so childish and goof off like that......much!
and alas, it was time to go home


  1. These birdies are just so beautiful and I love these types of birds who have really good colors around their feathers. The best part of your blog is birds one. Great share

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