Sunday 6 May 2012

more freaken ants

last year i did the I got bitten by the ant in my mouth blog and of couse the trauma of the childhood ant incident is never far away.

so, i can't remember collecting the ants and putting them in a jar but can still to this day remember my sister telling me that if i ever let them out they would probably come and eat me... imagine yourself as a small child and think of the fear that would engulf you.  (insert thinking space here) you got it- absolute fear.

given that i was lucky/unlucky enough to have lived in a lot of places when i was little with one of them being newcastle - lucky/unlucky - you decide, i do remember being very small when we lived there and remember being quite inquisitive and having a few favourite thing that i remember from that time.
1. the shop that sold the giant golf ball bubble gums (what mother would really agree to their small children having this chocking hazard)
2. playing flight of the bumble bee over and over on the record player - cause it was awesome
3. thinking that i was really mary poppins and trying over and over again to float graciously to earth after jumping off our balcony holding an umbrella (that was a massive fail everytime)
4. getting my ears pierced
5. putting ants into jars and hiding them in the cupboard - which of course was a poor choice

the other day when i came home, i noticed a couple of big, giant  enourmous, humungous black ants walking on the wall and didn't think much about it, until i entered the lounge room and there they all were, waiting to pounce.

 do you know how hard it is to sleep with one eye open?

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