Friday 6 April 2012


we saw our friend aileen yesterday who was very pleased to share that she's called our VW Special Dick Unit - due to the number plate being SDU.  Thanks for that.  She said it had a little touch of the CSI's to it.

so on our way home yesterday we needed to make a quick detour to jaycar - the store with it all, plus more. I thought that the Special Dick Unit needed this
it plugs into the lighter space and i personally would be proud to lean my arm out the window and hold it on the roof as it sends out its warning, but i don't think dave shared my enthusiasm.

whilst in the fabulous store, i found a few other things that i wanted to bring home. alas there was no karaoke machine, but i'll settle for all of these.
there was also a snow machine, but don't think we quite have the weather for it.

at the end of this window shopping, i thought it only fitting that i model my new homemade frock and show the latest in trucker wear.

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