Friday 3 March 2017

Day 2 - The purpose solution

Identify, acknowledge and honour your thriving-in-sobriety vision

So how did i sleep after my first alcohol free day........ well, it was crap. But aside from that i feel okay.

The big ticket item today is that we have to remove all booze from the house. I haven't actually done that #rulebreaker cause my drink of choice is usually a vino and i don't have any, so the other stuff just doesn't even blip on my radar.

This book has a lot of great quotes and testimonials from a variety of people both non famous and famous who have decided that living alcohol free was their way of the future and it's really interesting to read about their pre-and post alcohol lives and what they go on to achieve.

Today we open the doorway to our life purpose.  Do you really know what your purpose is?  I am not sure that i do. I know i do lots of great things and am a great human but what's my purpose? One thing is that i am not going to get hung up on anything and if an answer doesn't come to me straight away, then that's okay. I will come back to it.
What was day 2 all about. We learnt about our theme for the day (purpose), repetition, the alcoholic king and the Power of vision.

Apparently making it past day one is a big deal and i can see why that would be when there are so many people truly struggling every day to free themself from alcohol abuse. For me, i didn't even think twice about it.  I just did it.

Repetition is our key to success and each day i have to review our key learnings from the previous day.  Oh man, homework from our homework.  I'm not ready for this.  My school report card was a disaster. Repetition got me into this and repetition will get me out.  Do you want me to repeat that!

The alcoholic king is when you are in that optimal buzz - between 2 and 5 drinks - that's quite a lot of drinks, but you are gonna change the world and do amazing things, until you wake up with a thobbing headache and start the cycle again.

To move forward we need to have a clear picture of where we are now and where we want to be in the future and that brings me to my action steps......or homework Humph!

Change comes at the edge of your comfort zone.

Action 1. Write your vision statement
I am choosing conscious living tht doesn't involve alcohol.  I am going to be LIVE and PRESENT and live my best life possible while inspiring others to do the same.

I then put this and a pic of myself on the front of my journal so i could have a reminder of why and what.

Action 2. Capture the before you
Oh, do you really want to know about the before me?? Of course you do, you want all the juicy details, but i'm only going to share parts of it.

The before me would mainly drink at night or only or when being social on the weekend. (daytime drinking isn't really a big thing for me)
The before me would often wake up feeling crap and sometimes feels sick, groggy, regretful and vowing to stop. Sometimes she would fall asleep on the couch. She could easily nearly drink a bottle of wine a night. She would wake up feeling disgusting if she'd been out with friends and had a lot of drinks. the next day would often be really yuk and it would take ages to get going. She'd realise how horrible she felt, but backed it up again.

When you think about this this bigger picture, it's a no brainer why you don't want to drink and i don't even drink that much, but i think the feelings of post drinking are annoying me.  this is what isn't making it worthwhile.  Feel free to cast your judgements and then kindly forget you ever read this.  I'm not going to judge myself, cause that would be self-harming so i just won't do it. I am accepting what it is and moving on.

Action 3. Capture the new you who doesn't drink alcohol.
After having that all laid bare, we get to look at who we want to be and this is who i want to be.
How will i feel? I am going to wake up feeling great, fresh, clear headed and amazing. I won't wonder how much i had to drink the night before.

What will i accomplish? ANYTHING I WANT. I'll use that time for more purposeful things. I'll have time to create, to write, sew, engage with others, do activities, Love, and do it consciously.

My Career? I'll still continue with my work, - there is no issue here, but i can spend my time at night working towards satisfying my passions and maybe for some kind of profit.

My finances? I can use the money saved from drinking for other stuff - more salsa, italian or photography classes, so many things.

Love and relationships? I will be able to receive and find love with a clear head and heart.  I'll be present and available and look forward to going on coffee dates, where no judgement will ever be impaired.

Action 4. Review vision and new you.
I have to become a repeat offender and review my vision and new me for the next 2 weeks.
I thought day one was supposed to be the big one.  There was a lot to do today, but i am done.  So how do i feel on day 2?

1pm feeling excited about change and being a leader not a follower.
2.30pm feeling good.  have been invited out for a drink and declined, as i said i am taking a break from alcohol.
6.30pm feel like having a drink.  having soda water instead. I have commited to 30 days alcohol free.
8.30pm feel like having a wine, but am resisting. i remind myself why i am doing this and reread my vision
9.30pm feeling good. not wanting wine, and am having a cup of sleep and relax tea.  

It's time for bed.  No doubt ill be up shortly peeing out that cup of tea.....till next time. 

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