Monday 2 May 2016

the sunday session 18 - what a scrubber

here we are into the fifth month of 2016.  can you believe it.  they say time flies when you are having fun right! and i am having fun.  it's really exciting to be on this journey of self discovery, growth and this thing called life and being mighty fashionable along the way.
so out of my looks this week, i think the poncho hat combo was the winner. i now officially own 4 ponchos, but they each have their own place in my wardrobe.  the one in my pic was a vintage find on saturday at the brotherhood of st laurence in melbourne city - i didn't even have to pay extra for the collar.   my hat was a vintage find in brisbane many many years ago, my jeans are boyfriend jeans from target and my boots are merrell suede boots i picked up in NYC, way back in 2005.  overall, the combo is sweet.
so i have a couple of things to cover off this week.

1. on monday when we had the public holiday, i was wandering in the city and as i walked home, i stopped by the yarra.  i cant even begin to explain what i was feeling, except that it was energy - i have travelled to so many wonderful places - italy, spain, rio, india, sri lanka, canberra..... but the energy that was flowing in this amazing city was incredible. what was that.  I want more of that. maybe this is why melbourne is the most livable city in the world?  janergy is getting a run for its money. sorry brissy, but you never showed this to me in all the years i lived there. it was intoxicating.
2. i want to share a recipe of the non food kind - a recipe suitable for a scrubber.

so my lovely sister in fiji suggested we try some homemade facial scrubs she found online and i was so on board.  i love a face scrub and one that is not a little sissy scrub, but one that actually feels like it is digging deeper than doctor pimple popper and this one hit the mark. not only was it environmentally friendly, but it  has 2 ingredients and leaves your skin feeling amazing. welcome to the homemade coffee scrub.

so if you are like me, then you love coffee - good coffee - and accordingly to legend it has many uses. some people drink it, some people like to use it as an internal cleanser (thank you my strange addiction coffee enema episode for showing me things that can never been unseen). i will not be going to bunnings anytime soon to buy some plastic tubing! some like to bathe in it (haven't tried that, but i hear it's good) and someone (aka me) likes to use it as a face scrub.

wowsers this was good and here's what i did.
i have an espresso machine, so i have grounds at the ready, but if you are keen to try this scrub, then ask your barista for the leftovers from your recent coffee hit. 

i mixed my coffee grounds with some olive oil.  i have no mathematics for this but about a couple of tablespoons of coffee mixed with some oil to make a soft pliable paste is what you do.  i then stored it in a jar and kept it in the fridge.  as it has no preservatives, it ain't gonna last as long as a McDonalds burger, but long enough to be used, or to grow mould when at which time, it can be disposed off.  trick is to not make too much, i guess. 
so yes, here's a bathroom selfie - there is no pretty candlelit picture of me holding a glass of bubbly while flashing my perfectly waxed legs and manicured toes, but rather me, with a face full of homemade coffee scrub, which i'd like to add felt at first strangely uncomfortable and tingly as let i work its magic, but then, as i washed the brown muck off my nearly 50 year old face was then overcome with an incredibly fresh, soft, highly energised face.  i liked it, but guess coffee is a great  perk-er-upper-er!
well, i have a pretty lackluster beauty routine. i'm vegetarian (that seems to work a treat for me), love a splattering coconut oil on my face and sure i love putting on the mascara and lippy, but i can't be arsed taking any of it off before go to bed. i always was a rule breaker though....but my beauty routine is super simple - i've never even plucked my eyebrows -- that's how lazy i am.
so i have another scrub to try at some point, but i cant imagine anything living up to the beautiful simplicity of this homemade wonder, which is now gradually being used as an all over scrub, but will never be used as the other kind of strange addiction involving a piece of plastic tubing from bunnings.

and in the words of my fave ever brissy coffee shop - please don't ask for decaf, as refusal may offend and i suggest sticking to full strength if you plan of giving this a go, cause decaf will never cut he mustard in life, on your face and probably not even in a coffee enema.  

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