Monday 1 June 2015

the what i wore project - week 22, my sister's wardrobe

oh my haven't i had a fabulous fashion filled week - it is true, it was fashion week in fiji - there was so much fashion both on and off the runway.  This event has just had its eighth run and we have been part of it for four years, and as i mentioned in my last blog, i was asked to help out and i got a real understanding of the workings of a major fashion event and in fiji there were so many things that really challenged my structured way of working (not thinking) - but it was fun and if i could sum the week up, it would be like this:
1. sleep deprived (about 4 hours each night since i got here - Adrenalin works wonders)
2. what the fuck (what the fuck is happening here and how can this event even work)
3. chaos (the butterfly effect was in full swing and it both hindered and helped)
4. tuna is not a vegetable

what a week. and i got through it with both style and comfort.
so my sister said it was okay for me to come into the room early pearly of a morning to pick an outfit. after a few flicks back and forth along the clothing rail, i found this dress.  i was instantly in love. it was just simple, yet beautiful with a slight detail on the neckline that just made me feel very lady like but in a way that suited my sense of style.

to kick of fashion week, they did a screening of dior and i - i didn't get to see it, but it was very well recieved and a must see for any designer who wants to understand the the work involved in putting a collection together from start to finish and the pressure that comes with doing so.  (i probably needed to watch, cause it was a rough week, getting to the runway)

monday i wore cheesecloth dress from my sister's wardrobe. she made this one with local fabric and a lace insert that she got down the road and i matched it with those same shoes i have been wearing nearly every bloody day.  i really loved the feel of this dress and will be adding it to my wish list.
this local fijian fabric is what we used in our melbourne show and was made into a beautiful A-line skirt that i just wanted to keep on wearing. i loved it. for the fjfw program, they had a fashion forum for student's who got to hear from speakers who shared their knowledge on fashion design and business to assist in building a career in fashion.

tuesday i wore, tshirt and necklace from my sister's wardrobe, skirt from huudaverti and those same shoes.
today was a 70's inspired charity lunch, and this jumpsuit was the perfect thing to feel both retro and modern.  i took this photo in the makeshift kitchen that is used for their bbq stall and i felt that the outfit and the location were both complementary of each other.

wednesday i wore jumpsuit from huudaverti. my mum picked this fabric and decided it would look good in the jumpsuit.  the necklace is from my sister's wardrobe and i am not even mentioning the shoes.  this was also the day, i decided to invest in a pair of sneakers - pink of course!

oh oh look at this - it must be show day - cause i snagged a fjfw t-shirt and did my best to look important.  there was a lot of stuff to be done, so i needed to dress for comfort.

thursday i wore jeans from target, (mine), shoes from diadora (mine), heart earrings (mine) and fjfw tshirt (mine).   what- nothing from my sister's wardrobe......
but wait, there's more.  it was also our first showing for the event and it was resort wear night.  we got good reviews and you can check out the pics on our facebook

thursday night, i wore dress from my sisters wardrobe (am so taking one of these home), shoes - you know the ones, the brown ones and heart earrings.
thank goodness for these shoes - my feet were so sore from the day before, that i could barely wait to get them off when i got home.  if i had of been able to take off my feet as well and give them a rest i would have.

thursday i wore jeans from target, my tree of life top, and sneakers from diadora.
we had another two shows today in the ready to wear/trendsetters night and i had a beautiful piece of fabric to make a long skirt to wear on the runway. sadly though when i asked for a long skirt, i really got a long skirt. it was about 4 inches past my feet, so i had to go to plan B, which i didn't get a photo of, apart from on the runway.

thursday night, i wore brown kaftan from my sister's wardrobe which was made by huudaverti.
i noticed that down at the arena where the show was held, all the volunteers were wearing shell necklaces, so i thought i would join the locals and follow suit.

friday i wore jeans from target (they need a wash) top from suzanne grae mt ommaney, diadora's from suva and shell necklaces that my sister has collected over the years.
now this is the skirt i was supposed to wear the night before but it was too long.  i asked my mum to make it into this dress for me to wear on friday night.  she just added a couple of straps to it - which we will need to modify cause it was last minute, but it was a hit with everyone who was surprised to see me wearing something else but jeans and sneakers. everyone just wanted to touch the fabric and i can't blame them.  but guess what, i had to wear those shoes again.

this was the last night of fashion week and it was the high end resort, couture and bridal wear night.

friday night i wore skirt that is now a dress made from peacock sequined fabric i got at spotlight, indian style earrings and my whittner shoes.
after having so little sleep during the week, i gave myself a forced lie in.  i am not very good at sleeping in, but i just needed to stay in bed and literally lie there.  damn it felt good and my feet loved it.

sunday i wore just another simple outfit for the day which was my target jeans, tshirt from my sister's closet, my sneakers and the shells again, cause they are an accessory that instantly makes you feel like you are on a tropical island.  Oh hang on, i am on a tropical island....

so that's another week of outfits and i still have another week to go.

i have learned a couple of things this week. the first is that even though fijian people run on island time and it looks from the outside that things may not be happening, a shit load gets done in a small amount of time.

the other thing is that when things are feeling stressed, i encourage you to go outside in the open and scream at the top of your voice FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK. it feels great and is cheaper and better than any therapy you can pay for.

well i am about to plan a few days away at the beach. the weather isn't looking to great today, but that won't stop me from having a pina colada and a lie in a hammock under an umbrella, if i have to.

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