Sunday 14 December 2014

Aussie Curves challenge - metallic

I have to share a secret - soooo much of my wardrobe is either sparkly, shiny, or metallic.  i am just one of those people who is drawn to anything that glistens.

After a hectic few weeks, where we were one of the many people affected by the brissy storm, i didn't really feel like going to my work christmas party, but as someone kindly pointed out to me, i could be just feeling meh at home, or feeling meh at a party.  and you know what, the party was just was the doctor ordered.

Since i no longer have any way of sewing new stuff, i resorted to a speed shopping session and came up with an outfit that was metallic enough for me to blog about.

I had been keeping my eye on a little kaftan in west end where i go for my thai massage, and when i decided to go and see if they were still available, i didn't have the choice that i wanted, but she did have a beautiful black one that she sold me for half price cause it had the teeniest tiniest hole in it.

What's great about this dress is that it is long, but has a little button on both the front and back which hooks up inside to the top, thus making it both short and long.  However, when i hooked up the back part, it showed my butt cheeks, so i quickly decided that it wasn't the look for me.
So, as for the speed shopping, i went to Mt Ommany with every intention of buying a swimsuit for my upcoming camping trip, but as every good speed shopping woman knows, if there's an opportunity to accessorize, then it must be taken. and with bargains galore to source, i complemented my outfit.
After my speed shopping adventure, where i never intended to buy any bangles, or earrings or shoes, or a bag, i came home with a pair of shoes, some great bangles, a small make-up bag that doubled as a purse, some earrings and i was set.

I then went onto more speedy things and grabbed some alfoil and a spray bottle and set about winding strips of foil into my dampened hair in order to create some wild jungle inspired look,  A quick blast with the hair dryer and voila, i was ready to go, after sliding in some home made bobby pins which were wired with bells and beads.
dress from I do thai massage west end
shoes from novo
bangles from lovisa (3 bucks each)
gold bag from supre
earrings from dissh
hair accessories made by me

So that's it.... metallic look done.


  1. You always look great, on this occasion, you look greater! Wish I was there to share the party with you, like when you lose a loved one, I will never get over missing you. I just get better at managing it - Muppet face

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