Monday 30 January 2012

my perfect day

i had just over 24 hours in fiji on my way back from NYC and it didn't take much encouragement from my brother in law for me to agree to spend the day at fantastic Natadola and to catch up with him and my nephews as they headed home to Suva.
I had the perfect day - which i needed after my flight.
I'm no skinny minny, but if I am paying full price for an airline seat, i'd like to be able to let my bum sit on whatever part of the seat it wanted.  But no, for 10 hours, i got to use 2/3rd's of my seat and the rest belonged to someone elses chunky body parts.
So i really needed that one day just to myself and god damn, didn't i make the most of it....
1. arrive at fiji
2. get driven to natadola
3. check into room (thought i spotted danny de vito - but  it turned out to be some faker)
4. hmmm nice hot shower after long squishy flight
5. breakfast for one - okay, if i have to (newspaper, hashbrowns, spreading my stuff all over the table)
only realised later that the smoosh on the lens is my lipstick - what a spaz.
6. back to room for change into swimmers
7. down to beach for a much needed swim - even in low low tide it was super and that beach was ALL mine
8. back to room to book a massage and a leg wax (hmmm life's tough)
9. yeah, a warm outdoor bubble bath might be nice - sure why not
10. yawn - better have some leisurely lunch before my spa visit
11. dribble inducing massage
12. geez, better see if the beach is okay for another swim. Yep!
13. look at the time, it's margharita time by the adults only pool. where's all the people?
14. go on, just rest a bit more by the pool - who cares, i'm on island time
15. must be nearly time for alex and nephews to arrive
16. oh wait, its happy hour
17. pop up to bar for another refreshing drink
18. and then, the nephews arrive and oh my gosh, another swim at the beach
19. watch the most amazing sunset while floating in the ocean
20. head up to dinner
21. oh we are tired, time for bed - wasn't prepared for the fighting of which nephew was going to bunk in with me
22. let both nephews bunk into the double bed
23. awake with the 4.30 wake up call with a beautiful voice saying "rise and shine, it's time to wake up"
24. oskar (7) woke up as well and we lay in the dark while i told him stories about when i was little (at his request) then am given a warm send off by him when the doorbell rung for my pick up

it was 24 hours that i cherished and the perfect end to the madness of NYC

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