Monday 16 January 2012

how old are you?

My day in NYC starts with a much needed coffee made made with love and finesse on the gaggia.
I did manage to make this for my sister and now it seems, she likes her coffee to be over the top.
In all the craziness of packing up my sisters house we did take a little time out on Friday to do some fun stuff.  Friday was soooo cold with rain and snow flurrys in the morning, blue sky, then cloud, then snow flurrys and the wind that only a polar bear would love.
But we braved it and headed off to the city.
On one of our subway trips we were in the front carriage and of course my photography skills rose to the occasion.  The front carriage is fun, cause you can see through to the tracks and all that lies ahead.
For me, our arrival at a station turned out to be something that looked like a golden bow.  It's so shiny, that i would probably buy it.
Our activity of choice was lunch at Pure Food and Wine which is a New York Icon.  I had never stepped into the world of raw vegan food before, but it made me very very happy.
What's the big deal about that, well it's fresh, pure and challenges what goes on in most people's eating world.  The choc mint sunday was a coveted item on the table, and had to be passed around for one spoonful at a time type of eating.  Tasting of this was highly monitored to ensure NO cheating and trying to sneak two tastes.
she is still trying to cut that biscuit
I think she was saying something like - back off bitches, this is all mine.
After this amazing meal, we went to our next destination Sephora via a quick snap of the chrysler building.
As we headed home, we decided that a glass of wine and a spot of karaoke would be fun if we could get a private booth at this place.  The place was busy and dark and as we stepped in we were asked for ID.  Oops i didn't bring any with me, why would i.  So as the lovely door girl was busy scruitineering my sister's ID's, she very politely asked me how old i was.  Seriously, HOW OLD AM I....(Old enough to be your mother, i'm thinking).  I AM 45, I say.  45.  Okay, you can go in, but next time remember your ID.
After no wine and no karaoke, we made it home and dined on leftovers and moet.  It was here we decided that an intervention was in order as my younger sister and I had some serious concerns about our older sister's choice of hat which she had been wearing religiously.
With hat intervention complete and a good nights sleep, we were back to doing what we do best....packing!