Saturday 19 November 2011

let's get darty

mr swords and i recently purchased a dart board which now takes pride of place in our kitchen.
many a night in spent with the frustration of waiting to win the game with a 'double something' (usually a gin and tonic) or the reality of the old double 1 to finish.  if you know darts, you know i am speaking the lingo.

there's no better way than to share this frustration with others and make a night of it.
and to make it a success you need this....a gift for the hostess

and this...delicious bar snacks
and this...mmmm beer
and this....a lovely bunch of coconuts
and this...some spectacular and some not so spectacular dart talents

and this....a friend or three who are prepared to take the game seriously

and this....a really smart person to write an equation on the wall that i could never work out as my mathematical skills are shit

and person who has just the right sized nose piercing hole so she can do a special trick


  1. Was the chick with the hole in her nose the vegetarian?

  2. haa, no she wasn't, the vegetarian (me) spotted the hole and suggested she give it a go.